In the June of 2010, thirty people moved from San Diego to the Silicon Valley to plant Lighthouse Bible Church San Jose. 

Led by Senior Pastor John Kim, the team was excited to carry out the vision of LBC and plant churches in hopes of spreading the gospel and the ministry of the Word in the Bay Area. Pastor John and a small group of others had started the church in San Diego twelve years earlier and had seen the ministry steadily grow. Although they had partnered with local churches in Argentina and the Czech Republic, they had not yet planted a church long term.


Through the early years in San Jose, the church met at many locations. From high school lecture halls to community centers to hotel ballrooms, God was gracious to provide a place for worship and fellowship. The church steadily grew and established a ministry at San Jose State University, as well as many regional bible studies throughout the South Bay.

In the summer of 2013, the church sent out Pastor John and a group of others to Los Angeles in order to establish a training church and home base for the Lighthouse Association, which provides a networking relationship between the Lighthouse churches for the purpose of accountability and mutual support.


In 2014, God blessed our church by calling Mark Chin and his family to be the Senior Pastor at LBCSJ after spending many years in ministry at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles. Through the years, he has consistently centered on the Scriptures, calling the church to a vibrant relationship with Christ.

We look forward to the years ahead as we seek to be faithful to God and His Word. Our aim is to consistently uphold a high view of God and His Word in all that we do, trusting that God would continue to show us grace in standing true to God’s character without apology or compromise.